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As promised

Take the time to take in this commercial.

Inquiring minds want to know...

Here in Wonky Washington, we have such gems as these:


Wonky Washington, it's the wackiest place.


So up here, there's a commercial that actually says, "Dick Hannah's Dick Says Yes" (kind of sexy), and they sell liquor at Walgreens, but all the bottles have alarms on them! Lol!!! So I was at Walgreen's today to get a broom, and they only had this plastic white-and-green one for sale. I reluctantly brought it up to the checkout and put it down on the counter. Platic bristles? No thank you. A man just at that moment walked in from outside and got in line behind me. He noticed my broom. "I got a broom just like that", he said. "It's okay." He didn't sound too impressed either. I was quick, therefore, to say that I only got it because it was the only one they had, and that the grocery store had the same type too. "It'll do, but its not my favorite", I said. The guy kind of gave a laugh and said "Well, I don't know where you come from. For all I know, you may live in the middle of nowhere and need a better broom", and then I popped up with, "Well I come from Texas, and in Texas, we don't have these kind of brooms". Total lie. I held the broom up and waved it at him as I walked out out the door. He didn't say anything else.


I had the most interesting dreams last night; as if I was granted lucidity for a few brief moments.


Is definitely my song, right here. It is delicious.

New Music

I heard this song the other day, I think it's quite hot.

Ah, the old days of karaoke

Man _antisocialite_, I miss the days when we did karaoke at Blanco Tavern, however brief it was! Do you remember the songs we used to sing to?

Heard this one on the radio today, always a classic.

Yeah and apparently the storm of the decade is supposed to be hittin' here this weekend? Batten down the hatches! I'm too used to San Antonio weather where it never did what it was supposed to do.

New Music

This song, right here...


All things
The crows seemed to be cawing his name thought Caw

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