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Wonky Washington

I have discovered my favorite word tonight. Rigamorole!

New song!

I've been hearing this song on the radio a lot lately and I really like it- _antisocialite_, have you heard it?

The Pacific Northwest

I may be only a foolish girl with foolish dreams, but at least now I have great weather and amazing scenery! I've been seeing some great things around this area to capture on film, or digital media I guess, in this day and age.


One of their better songs. It's been playing a lot on my radio station lately. I've always associated this song with being alone.

Damn! It sucks being single when you are a very sensual person. Ah well. I shall instead focus my senses on the beauty of my surroundings, Washington is just gorgeous although Washingston itself is Wonky. I blame it on the terrain, it's all mountainous and twisty so I imagine it makes the population's minds loopy. I've been taking many, many pictures of some of the sights around Portland and Vancover. Here is one, for the time being, until I can post more.

Just an afternoon

At work. I haven't unpacked my computer yet, because I must be focusing on unpacking like a good girl, but oh when it is done, the pictures I will post! The sights I will show you! Tales From the Road. The travels of River. In the meantime, this song is on my youtube playlist, and it just came on. It is one of "my" songs, I've always been in love with it, and I remember calling into the radio station to have them play it. And they did! George Michael, you sing this song beautifully.

My Grand Adventure, Part 1

First off, my family tried everything they could to dissuade me from driving cross-country. They tried to explain to me that it was cheaper to fly, my cats would be okay flying, etc., but I was damn set that I was going to make a cross-country road trip.

So it was me, my trusty car, my two cats (I had three, but one I had to put to sleep before I made the move; that's a whole other story altogether), and some myriad belongings and office accoutrements! All my office was contained in my backseat, and my cats were contained therein as well! Well, only one, as Loki Poke decided he wanted NOTHING to do with being in a cat carrier. None of that for him! So he snoozed in the backseat the whole way there.

Well, we stayed at a hotel each night. Who knew driving for 8 or 9 hours or longer at a stretch was so exhausting? Oh yes it is, especially if you drive a stick shift, which I always have. My knees were cramping up, my feet were sore from the constant pedal-pushing,

Okay, that is it for now! I shall continue this shortly, and there will be pics!

I sometimes

Wax poetic, and it occurs to me that I would like an appreciative audience. My flights of fancy are magical! My whimsy is unrestrained! Perhaps one day soon I shall post about my Grand Adventure, but alas, I currently do not have internet set up at my apartment. Yes, I am typing this out on my phone in the middle of the night. Whimsy in spades!

Oh, Atomix, I miss you


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